Friday, July 31, 2015

at the lake

I didn't do much this week except hang at the lake. Ella went out every day with me...and whoever else was available. We had a wonderful time. The second picture is Ella's re-enactment of my tumble off the back end of the paddle board. Ha!

Yesterday, I had coffee with Jill two times! We met at River Rock in the morning and she stopped by in the afternoon to see my garden. It was such a pleasant day we just sat and gabbed and gabbed. For two retired folks, we sure have a hard time getting together.

Today I'm working at lunch and then going to the Treaty Site for a couple hours. Alex and Elliot are coming for dinner and Elliot will spend the night. I realized how little we see the kids once school starts and everyone gets busy so I want to schedule things to do with them in August even if it's just cook-outs and porch camping.

Better get moving. I often wonder how I used to get out of the house by 7 am. Now I'm lucky to be dressed by noon some days.

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