Monday, June 15, 2015

Yeah, so I haven't done so well on writing regularly.

I think I am putting my creative energy into Facebook which is a ridiculous place to put it, I agree.

It seems like things go on swimmingly and then Regis spends two weeks in the hospital or I get shingles. What the hell. Every time I think I would like some calm normalcy, I remind myself that this is normal. This is how life is.

That handsome fellow in the photo is a dragonfly I found clinging to my screen one day. I follow a Facebook page devoted to dragonflies and someone there identified it as an immature something or other. Can't remember now.

I review my blog stats. I like to do that every once in a while, just so I remember how much blah blah blah I have been putting out since I started this in October, 2006.

2,286 posts
Almost 200,000 page views (I don't count my own anymore.)
20,00 page views from the Ukraine (Among other far flung places.)
another post is the most popular of all time (You can find it here. It's no masterpiece.)
One of my personal favorites, Oh, Betty, has 968 page views.

Besides surgery and shingles, things are pretty much the same around here. Here are some recent happenings:

  1. We sold the truck to some hapless stranger who offered us $250. Regis was honest about it's lack of a functioning driver side door and he didn't seem to care.
  2. We bought a bright red, Ford Ranger. It's used but in good shape with no rust.
  3. We went to the Blues Fest and had a blues blast.
  4. We heard our first music on the patio Friday night at Lone Star.
  5. We had the first salad greens from our garden last night...micro greens!
  6. The orioles are back in full force and the yard is full of baby birds.

Baby robin on the back of a lawn chair. Looks grumpy, eh?

Spicebush swallowtail butterfly visits a wild flower.

Old truck

Blues Fest. I am on the far right.

Friday night at Whiskey River, clowning for the camera.

Gus on one of his many summer walks. He loves to chase balls.

Monarch caterpillar


Kathryn and me at the Blues Fest

Joel and Mike at the Blues Fest

New truck

There you go. Going out to sit on the patio for a while. Enjoy the evening!

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