Friday, June 19, 2015

what fun we had

Here I am with five of my high school friends. One still lives in Canby, one lives in Omaha, two live in the Twin Cities area, and I am in St. Peter. We try to get together every summer, usually at someone's home. I don't have enough room to host the even at my house, but I invited them to town and said I would create the agenda. Since we are all retired, it's a pretty loose agenda. Here we are on the patio at Lone Star where we started with lunch. Left to right: Kathy, Rita, Teresa, Cindy, Peggy, Brenda.

After lunch, we headed to Chankaska Creek Vineyards for some gabbing, some wine, and some cheese. We had a wonderful time.

Regis was driving the transit so he picked the girls up at the hotel and toted them out to the winery. They took the transit back to town about 6.

Here we are inside at the winery. Much laughing, many stories, good friends. We always share family photos and updates on classmates we know about or have seen in the past year. We're looking forward to our 45th (gasp) class reunion in the fall at Buffalo Ridge.

Elliot spent a few days with us and got to know my friends. He hugged them all goodbye this morning. On the way home, he wanted me to take his picture on this big rock. He told me to write All hail, Elliot! under the picture. Ha!

I'm working tonight. Ugh. Friday night and I have to work. Our 17th anniversary is on Monday and Regis has to work. Aren't we too old to do this?

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