Sunday, June 21, 2015

happy saturday

So many things to celebrate this weekend! Elliot spent a few days here this week and we had a lot of fun. He got to play with his cousin, Alex several times, we spent time with my old friends, and on Saturday, we celebrated Patriarch's Day. We call it Patriarch's Day because we have men in our circle who might be the father, but who are important in our lives. We honor them all.

April had to work so Peter and Zoey came to the party. Peter had taken Zoey to Art Splash in Mankato and waited in line for an hour in the hot sun so she could get her face painted like Hello Kitty. sweet.

We had a small problem in the kitchen when the pork juice cooked over and created a large greasy cloud of smoke. Regis took a beer and a cigar and headed for the patio. Smart man. Tom and Betty to the rescue...they got the pork shifted to another pan, and cleaned up most of the mess. 

After dark last night, Regis and I went outside and saw this spectacular sight. We didn't take the photo, NASA did, but it's the brilliant triangle of Venus, Jupiter, and the crescent Moon. Beautiful!

This is my dad, about 60 years ago. Happy Patriarch's Day to all of you dads, grandpas, uncles, and men who make our families strong!

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