Saturday, June 06, 2015


I've always loved plants and birds but this spring, I've taken a notion to be more interested in butterflies, dragonflies, and bees. I think part of it is reading about the pollinators that are having a tough time surviving with the GMO stuff. That's about all I understand of that.

In any case, I have planted ten more wildflowers in my gardens and I am letting the milk weed grow. This morning, I looked up information on native bees in Minnesota and ways to build bee hotels.

I found a website (Odonata Central) with a list of the dragonflies in Nicollet County so I can start to observe them more carefully and note which ones I see. I also ordered the book, Dragonflies of the North Woods.

And these two by Jim Gilbert who I remember listening to on WCCO a long time ago. He was also the naturalist at the Arboretum at GAC.

I started my ballet class this week and really enjoy it. For a person who always thought of themselves as a pure bumbling klutz, it's nice to close my eyes and feel graceful. Michele is a wonderful teacher.

I'm working today and then Joanne is stopping for a Friday afternoon visit. Tomorrow, Michele and I are going to the Old Town Art Fair. A good weekend and a busy week coming up.

Thinking about my dad on his birthday, June 4th.

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