Tuesday, May 26, 2015

catching up again and not in order

I can't seem to get back in the habit of blog writing again. Weeks go by and it becomes harder and harder to get to it. Tomorrow, I am getting back into the exercise habit so maybe the writing habit will follow.

Yesterday, we took our annual Memorial Day road trip with Tom and Betty. We head down the road, stop at a cemetery or two, and a beer joint or two. Yesterday was no exception.

We headed to New Ulm, found a little tavern called Mowan's where the beer was cold and the pizza was frozen. The woman behind the bar was a character and brought us some left-over poppy seed muffins from the morning breakfast buffet.

We stopped at a small family cemetery on Old Highway 5. Many of the graves were from the 1800s and were well-tended.

My lilac bush...you can smell it when you walk out the door!

Gazing globe purchased at Running's in Canby

Strawberry rhubarb pie under construction

Hung the flag on Memorial Day

Strawberry rhubarb pie

Beautiful rose from Mary's Flowers...where fun and flowers meet.

Tom and I at Mowan's in New Ulm

It's going to be a busy week. Tomorrow...Zometa infusion, haircut, appointment with trainer, coffee with a friend. Thursday...work at Lone Star and consult with butterfly lady. Friday...and so it goes.

We're watching re-runs of Law & Order. The commercials are for something called Marriage Boot Camp. Seriously. Someone produces this garbage for an audience. Waste of bandwidth.

I went rhubarb hunting yesterday morning while there was still dew on the grass. I found some at Bob and Emily's new house and some at a friend's house. I have made a pie, rhubarb muffins, and at my next opportunity, I am going to make Rhubarb Ginger Jam.

This news flash from Regis: I made myself a bit of lunch. Consisted of Tom's homemade refried beans and a little pork carnitas. I went to see if there was more coffee and your f****** cat jumped on the table, snatched a piece of pork, and made for the hills. Gus and I chased him and the son of a bitch protected that meat like it was one of his own kittens. I've never heard him growl that loudly.

Last week, we had our first Third Thursday potluck. There were seven of us and we had a wonderful time and such good food. The menu: chicken enchilada casserole, grain salad, spinach salad, apple crisp, and rhubarb cake. Many stories and much laughter.

Well, there you have it. I took two naps today so I may have trouble sleeping tonight. Sigh.

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