Thursday, April 02, 2015


I am behind on my blog and decided rather than recreating all the drama we have experienced with Regis's gall bladder and pancreas, I would just copy and post those entries here. We are hoping to have this resolved by tomorrow.

March 30
After spending four hours in St. Peter's ER, Regis is on his way to the hospital in Mankato. He has an inflamed pancreas and gall stones. At least that's what I think I heard after no sleep and a vending machine meal. I needed Zofran and Dilaudid as much as the patient did. He'll spend a few days in the hospital waiting for the pancreas to simmer down, then will have surgery on one or both organs.

You can see Regis has his sense of humor back. Here he is making his best dead face while using his fingers to make Xs on his eyes. He has seen a fleet of doctors: GI doctor, captain of the team, resident of the captain of the team, surgeon, and a few others I can't recall. (One of them looks barely old enough to vote.) We have taken to saying kaching whenever someone walks in the door. Haha! When I left today, his numbers were much improved so they thought the gall stone had passed. They will wait for his pancreas to simmer down before removing his gall bladder in the next couple of days. I came home to take care of the pets and to get some rest. Hospitals are not very comfortable places to hang around.
March 31
Quick update. Regis had an uncomfortable afternoon. They tried to do an MRI without success. The Atavan caused him some trouble in the aftermath. He has been without food, water, and sleep so you can imagine his mood. I have not heard from him this morning so hope he slept through the night. I will go over later this morning to see what the plan is. They might do an endoscopy to try and fish out the stones, then surgery for the gall bladder. Bless all your hearts for the positive energy coming our way!
April 1
Yesterday was a rough day. I spent about half of it at the hospital and never once saw Regis reach for his phone or his iPad so I knew things were just not right. He was in a lot of pain, very restless, very frustrated, and very tired. He just called and he sounds much more like himself. I am headed over soon so I hope I can report a plan of action later this morning. Waiting is hard.

April 2
I spoke with Regis this morning. He said the pain last night was almost unbearable. They did an EKG and blood work to make sure it wasn't a heart attack. He is thinking that another stone might be stuck in his common duct. Ha! We're getting the lingo down. I'm heading over to the hospital about 8:30 so I can be there to hear what the docs have to say. My guess is endoscopy today to remove the stones and surgery tomorrow to remove the gall bladder. With some luck, they will do that surgery laprascopically and the recovery time will be minimal.

Note: Regis complains that I share so much but he gave me permission to take his picture and to use it here and on my Facebook page. He's a good sport and brags about my promoting abilities!

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