Saturday, March 21, 2015

the best thing I ever ate

Regis and I get a kick out of our grandkids, especially the two boys. Whenever they come over for a meal, no matter what is served, they say it is the best meal ever. Well, spaghetti noodles poked through hot dogs is a special favorite but they say this a lot. Nana, that was the best lunch ever.

This picture is of my best meal ever. I can't remember when I have enjoyed food as much as I did this seared tuna steak with pickled vegetables, basmati rice, and braised collard greens at Lone Star. I'll say this, too. This whole meal was about $15 and I paid almost that much for a tiny piece of tuna served as an appetizer in a plastic box at a place in Mankato not too long ago.

So, thanks, Matt. Best meal ever!

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