Friday, March 20, 2015

small world, indeed

Photo by Ruth Klossner

Last week, by chance, I happened to be working at the front desk at the Nicollet County Historical Society. Thursday is not my regular day but they were short-handed and I could do it.

By chance, a very nice woman, Ruth Klossner, came in to donate several crates of photographs from her time at the Lafayette Ledger. I helped her unload them, we chatted, and later that day we became Facebook friends.

On St. Patrick's Day, she posted this photo of two children she spotted in the doorway of a pub in Ireland in 2004 when she traveled there.

Katie, who Ruth has know since she was a child and who lives three miles away from Ruth, saw the photo on Facebook, recognized the little boy, and this conversation ensued.

Katie: OMG Ruth! Was this photo by chance taken in Sneem, Ireland? I am pretty sure I taught the young man in this photo when I was student teaching in Ireland. 
Ruth: Double OMG!!! Yes, it WAS taken in Sneem!!! Luckily, I included that info in the photo title so I didn't even have to go back to my itinerary and try to figure it out. When did you student teach in Ireland????? Does the age match up??? They were just the most adorable kids and, like I said, my very favorite photo of the thousands I took on that trip in 2004. 
Katie: I student taught there in fall of 2011 and his name is Dylan and the age would match up. He would have been in fourth or fifth grade I believe! I believe that was his younger sister.... small world! 
Ruth: WHAT a small world! I just remember that we pulled up on the street and, as we got out of the vehicle, I saw these kids and got off a couple of shots. The boy was so protective of his sister. I wasn't even sure if they were locals or tourists...just knew it was the neatest shot. And then you met him seven years later!
I love these stories that involve so much serendipity, synchronicity, or happy accidents. Whatever you want to call it...such a lovely story. Thanks, Ruth.

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