Tuesday, March 10, 2015

marathon of work

Sometimes I wonder how I get myself into these messes. I have spent the last hour working on my schedule for the coming month, beginning March 23. I will work every day and some evenings until April 23rd and I am experiencing some consternation because of it. Ah, well. Not much to be done.

I took a part-time job recently at Lone Star BBQ in St. Peter. I enjoy it and it isn't a lot of hours but now I have to and tell them all the lunch hours I am not available. Sad face.

I agreed a while back to help with testing (ugh ugh ugh) at the schools. The money is good, the work is not difficult, but the hours are plentiful between March 23 and April 23.

My straw bale garden will need attention in April, too. And I have a long list of spring tasks to accomplish...things like vacuuming out the trunk of the car and exchanging the snow blower for the lawn mower.

I'm also continuing my work at the NCHS and at the AARP tax center. By April 23rd, I should be about ready for a vacation!

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