Monday, March 09, 2015

birthday celebrations

We seem to have a lot of spring birthdays in our family. Well, if you count February as spring, I guess we do. The two boys, Alex and Elliot turned six, Tiffany and Eric both have birthdays in March, April has a birthday in February, and Peter and Amber have birthdays in April.

Tiffany and Eric had a party for Elliot at the Holiday Inn Express in Mankato. The kids had a great time. Not exactly an old person's version of fun, but very nice just the same. Lots of noise, high humidity in the pool area (ha!), and a ton of stimulation. I regret not bringing my suit...the hot tub looked inviting.

Ella, Alex, Evelyn, Elliot, and Adam

Peter wearing Zoey's goggles

Birthday boy and mama

Zoey and April


Teresa, Tiffany, and Kensey

I am going to visit with my sleep doc this morning. Then I have an errand or two, a coffee date, and the rest of a lazy day to work on my organization plan at home. Ta da! Happy Monday!

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