Thursday, March 19, 2015

a list of things

  • Tom and Betty are coming home right after April 1st. We have missed them.
  • I am working at two jobs and volunteering at two others in the month of April. It will be a busy month.
  • I'm starting my straw bale garden about mid-April. We're going to try six bales and we plan to grow salad greens, tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, and a few other things. I like to shop at the farmer's market for some things...the things we don't eat enough of to grow ourselves.
  • I'm taking Tiffany out for lunch today to celebrate her birthday. She turned 30 yesterday. How can that be?

  • We celebrated St. Patrick's Day on Tuesday with corned beef and cabbage and a trip downtown to the parade. Such a goofy holiday.

Gus is not in favor of holiday shenanigans. 

  • I walked in the RunStrong 5K with my friend Michele. It's a fundraising race for the Livestrong program. After the race, we went to visit our friend, Mary, in the hospital.

  • At nine o'clock this morning, I am gathering some stuff for the Epileptic Foundation to pick up this afternoon. I have some boxes I didn't get out in time last fall, and I have some designated junk around the house that is getting packed up this morning. My goal is to be ready to sit on the patio come May.
  • We have moved forward on two home improvement projects this week. I went to the hardware store and ordered three new doors, a front entry door, a storm door, and a storm door for the back. The entry door is original to the house and the other two doors were new after the tornado. Yesterday, a fellow came to measure our driveway and give us an estimate on replacing our Model T driveway with asphalt. Our house was built in the 50s so I don't think a Model T ever parked here but that's what he called it. It's two strips of concrete and quite narrow so it's always muddy and no grass grows anywhere near it anymore. I'm sure our meticulous neighbor would be delighted.
  • Speaking of our neighbor, he has already started up the gas-powered lawn machines. I ranted about it here before and you can read it again, in case you are interested. The Case Against Gas-Powered Lawn Machines
  • I just did a search for gas powered and lawn in my blog and I have spent a good share of bandwidth ranting about this issue.
  • I am going to go back and read over some of my old blog posts. I think I was funnier in the past. In the last few years, I have had to slug some rats in the gutter (Thanks for that phrase, Karen!) and I would really like to be done with that now. I want to be funny again.
  • I did a sleep study and discovered that I have very mild apnea when I sleep on my back and none when I sleep on my side. The only time I sleep on my back is when my hips hurt. I think I'll take up walking like a pilgrim. Walk everywhere. Walk constantly. Maybe that will help my hips.
  • We had a little snow mixed with rain last night. I don't think any of it stuck and it certainly won't last. I think we can safely put away the winter coats and boots.
  • The last time Woody went to the vet, we were cautioned to not let him get too fat. He was up to 14 pounds so we put him on a reduction diet. Two treats at night and that's it. He was nagging me for treats in the morning and often worked me for quite a few before he ambled off to do something else. He had to go cold turkey. This morning he weighed 13.6 pounds so we are experiencing some success.
  • Gus needs a bath. That means I get a bath, too.
  • Moving on into the day, my friends. Make today a great Thursday.

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