Monday, February 02, 2015

why i like to avoid the dark

Friday night, Regis had a hankering for pretzels so he sent me out into the night to fetch some. Since we are on the north end of town, I headed to the closest convenience store. Three weird things.

  • A very tall man. Maybe the tallest man I have ever seen, was talking loudly and rapidly on a cell phone while pouring himself a soda large enough to bathe a two-year old. I swear.
  • Two gentlemen bought a bag full of Red Bulls and a sack of styrofoam cups. Party!
  • A man in an SUV sat in the parking lot wearing sunglasses (it's night) and never left his vehicle. CIA?
We went to a buffet to eat earlier in the evening. That was another strange experience. I won't name it because you know I worry about google search engines but if you're from here, you know the one I mean. I get that this is a place young children like to eat because of the amazing variety of food. But, it's not cheap so I don't get why adults go there. Without kids.

The place is packed. You have to be very careful walking because children dart out of nowhere in search of mashed potatoes or soft-serve ice cream. One went right in front of me, under two loaded coffee cups, like a heat seeking missile. (I had quite a time spelling missile. Must be a word I don't write very often.)

The food, although it had been dug into by an unknown number of folks, was better than I anticipated. Overall, a pleasant experience since the two small ones were happy. Would I go there again? Probably not.

We have an immersion blender that we got from Tom many years ago. We use it all the time and yesterday, one of it's little legs came off. It was quite a mystery for a while.

Today, I plan to practice my belly dancing moves. I have always thought of myself as incapable of dancing and this class is doing its best to prove me right. I have two feet, neither of which is connected to my brain. At the end of class last week, the teacher asked if I wanted to video her doing two of the foot sequences so I could practice at home. I was not offended.

So this afternoon, I will be in the living room in my coin skirt, holding my phone, and trying to do the fusion shuffle or whatever it's called. I hope nobody peers into the window to watch.

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