Tuesday, February 10, 2015

traveling light

I'm leaving for Arizona, on a jet plane, tomorrow morning. Don't wig out. I hate it when people say, "You?" like I am a recluse of something. What the hell. I can travel, I just choose not to very often. Nothing wrong with that. I like being home.

I am flying an a cheapo airline. So cheap that when I checked in from home this morning, I had to pay ten dollars for a seat. WTF. A seat? Wouldn't you expect that would come with the ticket price? And then they have strict restrictions on the size of the carry on bag...16X14X12. The bag my sweet, travelin' friend Richie, loaned me was 4 inches too high. Crap. So, now I face a dilemma. I either pony up $35 for a bigger bag or I try to squeeze my stuff into a smaller bag. Turns out, once I printed my boarding pass, it was too late to take a bigger bag. The airline has no phone number. This makes me a little nervous.

I'm boarding the shuttle tomorrow at 4:45 and will be at the airport about 6. That's a lot of time to kill before the plane leave so look for photos and lots of dumb observations. Too much information, of which I am the queen!

Regis doesn't know this but Woody likes to get up at 4 am and have treats by my computer. He is fairly insistent that this happen on schedule. Ah, well. Always good to be surprised!

See you tomorrow at the airport!

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