Wednesday, February 18, 2015

summing it up

I'm back on the frozen tundra. Not quite ready to jump back into my Minnesota life, although I should be. It was baptism by fire...very cold, very windy, very dark.

I'm going to post a few more photos from my trip. Looking back, the things that amazed me most in a good way, aside from the people...landscape, plants, birds, and citrus fruit growing on trees. Lemons growing on trees. Imagine.

I met up with cousins from both sides of my family. Joanne, my dad's brother's only daughter, and her mom, Liz, who I haven't seen in a long, long time. We thought probably 50 years or more. I found myself staring at her because even though we are both obviously older, there was something so "same" about her. Joanne and I, even though we see each other infrequently, always pick up right where we left off, It was a sweet evening.

These are the cousins (a few of them!) on my mom's side. Mike, Greg, Clark, and Deb. I'm not sure Clark and I have ever met before. We had an 11 am lunch and didn't say good-bye until after 4. It was great fun.

Deb and Larry were wonderful and generous hosts. I enjoyed their lovely home, their little dog, Neddie, their spirited companionship, and their willingness to put up with me!

My shuttle arrived at the coop last night about 10:30 to ten below temp and some badass windchill. Regis had ribs and a baked potato ready for me. The pets were tickled to see me for at least a few minutes and it was good to crawl into my own bed at the end of the evening. Today, I am back to at the AARP tax center. It can't all be silver saddles and Sunday parades.

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mom said...

Wish I had been there. Good people, all of them.