Tuesday, February 03, 2015

horizontal surfaces

I have worked hard the last two years to clear some clutter from our home. You've seen the posts with pictures of boxes lined up at the curb. I continue to work at that project. It seems never-ending. While I work at one thing, maybe photograph albums, all the horizontal surfaces in the house fill up with the shit of daily life. I could weep.

Regis is a flat surfaces engineer. He likes all his papers and stuff out where he can see it but he's not the only one. I have gotten better but I'm far from perfect. He just doesn't have the need, as I do, to see the top of the table now and then, to be able to eat a meal without doing a major excavation first.

Last night I went to the bedroom and realized that every single dresser top was covered with clothes. HOLY CRAP. Where does all this stuff come from???

It's so discouraging.

This morning I work at the treaty site so I have a time limit, but I am getting up from my desk and I am going to tidy the surfaces. If it kills me.

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