Tuesday, February 17, 2015

airport report

My trip was wonderful...filled with warm sun and blue skies, laughter, and stories.

The trip home has been difficult. I mistook a 1:15 am flight for a 1:15 pm flight and didn't discover it until almost midnight. Larry helped by rescheduling and upgrading me to first class.

The flight was delayed and the airport was packed. I bought some lunch and sat on the hallway floor. My humbling before my first class flight.

First class! Wahoo! I am not traveling with those peons again! The flight attendants brought me a hot towel, a linen cloth for my tray table, food, drink, and I had a friendly seatmate. 

But I missed my f###ing shuttle so I am stuck sitting in the lower level where there are no restaurants and no bathrooms.

As I sat in the hall, a 40 something guy in a suit came and plopped next to me. He had a 45- minute phone conversation with someone about establishing a colony on Mars. No shit.

More tomorrow. I am tired and more than a tad goofy.

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