Sunday, February 22, 2015


Regis and I went out the other night to the local Chinese restaurant for dinner. it was Chinese New Year so we thought there could be a happening there. Nope. One other lone diner. We asked and the server said the owner is not really Chinese. Hmmm. We had a very nice dinner and this is what came in my cookie at the end. Regis thought the spending part was hilarious since I had just dropped a butt load of money on my trip. I looked at the lucky numbers and went right to the place that sells Powerball numbers.

Here is my ticket and it's not a winner. Bummer. I think they should get a refund on those fortunes.

Without getting too philosophical, I will say that I have been fortunate this week in many ways not related to money. I had a safe trip home from a vacation, I had lunch with Tiffany at Pub 500 (So nice when one of your adult kids buys you lunch!), and I did some thrift store shopping yesterday with a friend. Last night I watched a couple of movies while Regis drove the Gus bus. It was case night, a local tradition that you only partake of if you are young and care-free. Or stupid. Not sure which.

On the thrift store mission, I had a short list of items to check. I found some books for my little library. I can't bring myself to put just any old thing in there. Monica Lewinsksy's autobiography, for example. I wouldn't even let Regis drive around with that in the car. I usually buy books I have already read and know are good, or I buy books I want to read. I guess I assuming that everyone who comes to my library has the same taste in books as I do. Ah, well. My library. My rules. (Book freak admission: I will have a hard time letting go of these books because I love them.)

I also found a couple of Eddie Bauer shirts for Regis. He was tickled, threw them right in the wash, and wore one last night. Ta da. About ten bucks for both of them.

Yesterday between 2 pm and 3 pm, the temperature dropped like a rock. We were admiring the warm sunshine as we came out of one store and shivering and cursing by the time we went into the next. The air hurt to breathe.

This is where Woody likes to sit in the morning...right in front of my computer. It makes it difficult to do anything. I know he's looking for treats. I showed him the empty jar and off he went, in a huff.

I often have epiphanies in my sleep. It's my brain working as I rest. Last night I had one about this thought. I was repeating some mantra, each time louder and more confidently. Do you think I can remember it this morning? Ah, well. It did its magic even as I slept.

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Jill said...

Don't you think it's time for technology to catch up with the dreamworld? If Fitbit can keep track of heart rate, calories in and out, blood pressue, glucose levels, and more, it's time for an upgrade to record and replay sleep epiphanies.