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I love looking at my blog stats. It cracks me up that some of these silly posts get so many views. I wonder how it happens. With one of these, maybe the first one, there is a Gary Larson cartoon involved so when someone does a search for the floating head of death, my blog pops up. But that doesn't explain oh, betty which is a great story and my friend should be tickled that so many people have read it. We're both famous.

I get a charge out of these stats but something in me resists counting and keeping track of other things. Regis bought me an Up24 but it makes me crazy so I don't use it. He likes to know how many hours of deep and light sleep he has a night but I don't care. It frustrates me when the damn thing says I forgot to turn it to sleep mode. If it can keep track of deep and light sleep, it should be able to tell when I go to sleep.

It's probably my math phobia that makes me dislike counting. Or maybe it's my rebellious streak.

Is it ok to eat quesadillas for breakfast?

I read some fashion advice the other day. Fashion advice? What? Anyway, one of the tips was not to treat leggings as pants. What the hell does that mean? And not to wear them every day. Who keeps track of that?

I had a friend in middle school (although we didn't call it that back in 1963) who would say this to me: You wore that last week on Wednesday. Apparently the rule was that you could wear something two weeks in a row but not on the same day.

Holy shit.

I can't remember what I wore yesterday much less what I wore last week on Wednesday. I thought that was being more than a little uptight.

I have worn leggings almost exclusively for about five years. I say about five years because I didn't write down the first time I wore them. It just got to be a habit and I like the way they feel. I like the look...long tops and leggings and boots. If Katherine Hepburn can wear white turtlenecks every day of her life, I think I can wear leggings. This is a long rant for something so stupid.

Well, I did buy a pair of jersey baggy pants a couple months ago. I think they might have been born as pajama pants but on nice days in the fall, I wore them as (gasp) pants. I recently bought some "loose pants" and some "harem pants" (More magazine calls them slouchy pants.) but they have not arrived yet. I will certainly keep you all posted because my fashion sense is critical to your well-being. I know, I know. 

So, the fashion divas can relax. I have other pant options. Nobody has to keep track of when and where I treat leggings as pants.

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Marie said...

oh Teresa -- some days you just crack me up!