Monday, January 19, 2015

old school dance party

The gym where Regis and I work out recently added a new studio. One of the features is a touch-screen kiosk with a variety of workouts that are shown on a big screen. I am usually the only one in an early morning class which proved to be a very good thing today.

I was tired of yoga and core work and weights so I chose a Vibe session called Old School Dance Party. Yeah, I'm 62 so I'm thinking old school will mean music from the 60's give or take a decade. I was way off.

This very fit and hip dude with bones of rubber led me though a series of what I would call hip urban dancing. Here is what he looked like:

I could do the really simple ones but I was lost plenty and sometimes I would burst into raucous laughter at the thought of what it must look like. Retired school teacher of Norwegian descent tries hip hop dance moves. It was hilarious and so much fun. I'm going to do it again and try to learn some of those cool moves. Haha!

I finished my fox cowl last night. I made the ears according to instructions and attached them firmly to the hood with a series of tight stitches. Those babies were not coming off. Then I put the thing on...and I looked like this. Like the Unabomber with Dumbo ears. In my defense, it is almost midnight, I took the picture with an iPad, and I didn't realize how goofy it looked until it was too late.

So far, this picture has more than 50 likes, several shares, and almost 30 comments. What the...I keep posting the one where the ears are smaller and I am smiling, but the public seems to like the Unabomber one.

I have to wash it and block it, turn back the edge of the hood, and attach the buttons. I'll have Regis take a photo with the real camera but I know what will happen. Ho hum. Big deal. Where's the goofy picture??? (I think the only other picture I had that was this popular was the one in my snorkel parka and mad bomber hat.)

Woody has had his picture taken several times this week. He is one photogenic cat, let me tell you.

I had the nicest morning after I got home from the dance party. Two friends, Kathryn and Keith, came for coffee. We got Keith set up on google docs so he can work on his extensive collection of stories from his 35 years as a hair dresser and from his steel trap memory of his years growing up in Vesta. Kathryn and I are a pretty good audience for his stores...we laugh and laugh. Such a good time sharing oatmeal cookies and coffee and laughter.

Well, I have more work to do on my cowl this evening and I want to get outside to monkey with my new star filters before the sun goes down. More later, blog pals.

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