Friday, January 09, 2015

it's been a blanket fort week

We had a spectacular winter storm yesterday. I was lucky that it was a day I was at the Nicollet County Historical Museum so I witnessed the storm from the beautiful front windows that face west. It was a fast-moving storm so we went from heavy snow to no snow to 40 mph winds to no wind to no visibility and back and forth most of the afternoon. At one point the sky cleared but there was bank of dark clouds to the south west. It looked like Armageddon. Nature is so powerful and so beautiful and so frightening sometimes.

I worked two days at my volunteer job where it was chilly but fun. I'm finally getting the social media plan in shape, in my head at least. The first time I posted on Facebook, I had the date wrong. I admitted to Alyssa that anything to do with numbers sets off a commotion in my head. I am going to write up the posts prior to posting and have someone double check dates and numbers. Gads.

I have been trying to embrace the beauty in winter and in darkness rather than rage against it as is my usual pattern. In that quest, we bought three new star filters for the camera and have been experimenting with outdoor photography and editing. These were taken (by Regis) on Wednesday, the day we had the extreme cold temperatures. The sun dogs are part of the beauty of extreme cold and blue sky.

We missed a couple of good shots this week...the full moon on Monday, for sure. I have a calendar of all the moon phases now so we won't make that mistake again. The moon was stunning about 7 am when we headed to the gym.

I'm moving furniture around my house today so better get busy with that. Stay safe and warm, my friends. It's a good blanket fort day!

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