Sunday, January 25, 2015

don't worry

My worry and frustration and wickedness of disposition reached a peak yesterday. You probably would not have know had you been with me all week as most of this goes on in my head. I almost cried once when I was tired and I did cry when I heard some old friends are moving away, but it was just a few tears, not a whole blarney-stone sized crazy wailing and flailing session.

I booked a trip (I think that's what people who travel a lot say...) to Phoenix in February. I am a nervous traveler and this will take some major meditation mojo to manage this anxiety. I have so far, managed everything. Read the schedules, bought the tickets, scheduled the transit. Ta da!

Elliot has been here since Friday when I picked him up at school. His cousins came for dinner and to play until bedtime. We went to the library, to River Rock, and to open swimming in the afternoon. Last night we had a most delicious chicken pot pie and a caramel apple pie from the Cheese and Pie Monger Shop in town. What a feast. Regis went to drive the transit at 8:30 and Elliot and I went to bed.

We're making pancakes this morning. I am sure he will request some unusual shape. Hey, I should put that in google. On second thought, no. Mickey Mouse is plenty good...and easy.

Everything I read this morning says I should stop trying to have control of everything. Stop worrying about every little thing. The best was from The Queen Code:
Queen, you are not stuck. You are not trapped. The emotions of anxiety, fear and hopelessness are making the situation worse than it really is. The real source of your pain is that you may be too focused on trying to make outer changes, when the root to your transformation is within. Heaven knows your predicament. The Universe knows that you have material and physical needs that must be met, but being too focused on outwardly “getting” will rob you of your inner peace. As challenging as it may be, shift your perception today. Do yourself a favor and stop trying to control people, situations and outcomes. If you want real transformation “seek first inner peace, all the other things will then be added to you.
Ok, I'll give that a try.

The week in pictures.

I think she captured my essence.

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