Tuesday, December 16, 2014

woody has the right idea

Nap away the gray days. I had decided to come to terms with winter and darkness this year. My plan included walks in the moonlight, snow shoeing, snow men and snow angels, candles in the evenings. Somehow none of that works very well when it's 40 degrees, all the snow is gone, and it's rainy and foggy. New plan needed desperately.

I just searched for "winter" in my blog posts. Now, that is a depressing list of rants. You can find it here. One of the subject lines has to do with all the people I knew who fell down that winter. Good grief.

I am subbing for the media guy at the high school today. I enjoy being in the library...lots of books and kids reading books. It makes for a nice day.

I have not been exercising much lately and I can feel it. I walk with Regis occasionally and keep having the idea that I will get back to the gym but so far, it hasn't happened. Maybe I need a new thing...belly dancing or something. Oh, good grief.

I just had a molasses cookie for breakfast. Now I'm going to add up the signs that I might be suffering from seasonal affective disorder. Craving sun. Sleeping. No interest in usual activities. Lack of movement. Yup...adds up to that. Turning on the day light, going to the gym this evening, thinking happy thoughts.

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