Wednesday, December 31, 2014

the view from my window

Regis and I both had the flu in December. The influenza kind that last for days. He had it right before Christmas, gave it to me in the form of a cold on the 23rd which turned into the flu on the 26th. It feels like we lost the month of December.

This is the view from my bedroom window where I have spent a lot of time lately. I missed most of the beautiful sunshine of the last three days so I kept the curtains open to enjoy what I could.

I have a giant pile of recipes that I've accumulated over the fall when I was doing so much cooking. I thought I was ready to go electronic with my recipes but there's something about a paper recipe that I like. There are small spills, notes about substitutions, notes about whether we liked it or not. Hard to do that electronically. I'll go through these and try to file the ones we loved and get rid of the ones that were ho-hum.

I piled my books and electronic devices on the bed yesterday so I wouldn't even have to get up to find them. Turns out, I mostly played Scrabble. I was cranky, though, and I would quit a game if the computer took a spot I had set up. Or if I had crappy letters.

I even pampered myself by making a nice breakfast and taking it in on a tray. Breakfast in bed...made by myself. That's oatmeal with cinnamon, craisins, and pecans, and the most delicious oranges from the Coop. I think I'll pop down there today and get some more. The darker ones are Cara Cara and they are my favorites. The lighter ones are Minneola oranges and they're very juicy but not as sweet.

On Monday, when I thought I felt better, I took Gus for two walks. Regis drove the transit from 9 am to 6 pm so he wasn't going to get out with Gus. It was a cold but gorgeous morning on the trail near the river. Gus romps and runs and has such a good time that it's hard to deny him that pleasure because of my laziness.

Regis drives the transit today, New Year's Eve, from 4-8 so we're going out for lunch. I don't like to go out for dinner on New Year's Eve anyway. Too many amateurs who go out once a year. Too much noise. Too much chaos. Who needs that?

With all the illness, I've cancelled more things in the last two weeks than I have done. I'm not feeling deprived, though, and I'm not feeling the pain of the darkness either. I decided to embrace the cold and dark and I think it helped.

So, have a wonderful 2015, my friends. We know there will be some bad crap, but we also know that the bad crap never lasts. We might as well celebrate each day and love ourselves a little more.

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