Tuesday, December 23, 2014

almost everything that can get done is mostly done

I remember ten years ago, sitting at the breakfast table on Christmas morning, over a big meal, weeping because I was so tired. I had cooked a big Christmas Eve meal, shopped, wrapped, partied myself into a state of exhaustion. What is the sense of that?

The next year, I cut back severely on gift buying and meal making. I cut back on baking to the point that we make one or two kinds of cookies and if they get eaten before the holiday, oh, well. I gave away a ton of decorations to the thrift store. You can't believe those ads on television and the stories in magazines. It will make you crazy.

I believe in doing about 50% of what you think you really want to do because that's about all you can really do.

I kept the things that make me laugh...the Santa hats, the surprise gift giving, the Christmas movies. I'm still on the fence about cards. I'm sorry to admit this but I really don't enjoy very much a card with only names in it. If that's your practice, you could save your time and money on mine. I do love photos so if your card has a photo...and just your name...you are given a pass.

I can only imagine the maelstrom on Pinterest these days. I just did a quick search for "Christmas", hoping I'd get a number. There is quite an array of ridiculous crap there...and then I got sucked in and almost printed a Christmas trivia game! That's how it happens! Pretty soon I'm making place cards out of pine cones and dressing up the dog and cat. Oh, wait...sigh.

I have an explosive head cold that can only be controlled by massive amounts of powerful drugs. I am heading to the pharmacy to stock up on DayQuill and NyQuill and any other kind of Quill they have.

I don't have very much to do today. I'm going to gather up some more baking things to take to Betty's, I'm going to make brownies, and I'm going to make Vi Hanson's bread machine buns. Those good hams deserve good buns and you know how hard that is to come b in a grocery store. Regis came home with some buns the other day and I swear they were made of sawdust.

Well, I'm done with this rant today. Moving on to bake and nap and generally be a bit grumpy. Happy December 23rd! Be sure to turn your Santa tracker on tomorrow!

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