Thursday, December 18, 2014

ah, well again

Regis sent me this beautiful photo of the sunrise yesterday when he took Gus for a walk. It was a bitterly cold morning and I bet there were sun dogs later. Such a sun shiny day and I was stuck inside.

I worked three days this week and ugh, I might have made a mistake. I am behind at home, I am cranky from all the mental stimulation, and I haven't seen the sun. Did I mention that I haven't seen the sun?

We went to Pet Expo last night for emergency dog food. We usually are stocked up but somehow, we used the last cup at lunch time yesterday. Gus seemed to know because at 5:00, he stood staring morosely at the empty bin. If you look in the back of this picture, Santa is in the check-out line. I waved when we came in but he was a customer and not an event so I didn't intrude to ask for a photo. I was amazed that most people just went about their business and ignored him.

I spent the day at my volunteer job. Here is evidence that I do, in fact, do this. I love the way the sun comes in the ceiling panels/sky lights, whatever you call them.

I am off to a Captain Livestrong event this evening...the graduation of the current class. They are always very moving and lovely.

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