Wednesday, December 17, 2014

a dark time of the year

I have a day light. I try to get out in the sunshine when we have some. I try to do the things the people who know, recommend. But it descends...the dark of winter.

Even in making plans for a Christmas celebration. I send an email, I get impatient and cranky, nobody understands. I cry.

There is not an explanation.

My cousin calls to tell me she had a life-changing event yesterday; she was struck by a car as she crossed a street. She could easily have died. One head knock away from the other side. We both cry as we talk about the trauma from rape or cancer. She could have died.

They make fun of me. Say I have a bad memory because they told me they were coming. And what's the big deal?

Maybe there is not a big deal. Maybe I am a little crazy and controlling.

I am sorry.

Ah, well.

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mom said...

This too shall pass. The sun will shine again. I talked to Deb. Just thankful she is o.k.