Sunday, November 30, 2014

winding up November

November flew by me. Not sure how that happened but here it is, December tomorrow. I think in my efforts to add some structure to my days and weeks, I have over-scheduled myself. I should be more like Woodrow: Stay calm. Watch over the crowd from on high. Eat. Drink. Sleep. Repeat.

We had a very nice time on Thanksgiving Day. I cooked and cooked and baked and baked leading up to it so the food was in abundance. So much abundance that I forgot to serve three dishes. Ah, well.

Today is the day all the detritus gets dismantled and put away...all the dishes, holiday napkins, decorations, music, and table linens. Time to bring out the winter decor.

My friend, Michele, and I went to Mankato yesterday for the Livestrong 10k. We didn't run 10k and only walked a little ore than 2 miles but it waas a nice walk and we got in a long visit. Over coffee, we talked bout how cancer and Livestrong have changed us. We wondered where we would be in life without those two experiences. We would nver say cancer has been a blessing but Michele said it right, many of the changes have been for the better. We've both gotten much better at caring for ourselves.

It was inspiring, even in this small way, to be a part of Kristi and Kerri's grass roots effort to make money for Livestrong.

I have many things to do today. December is going to be my month of peace and tranquility so I have to get the busy work done before it starts. Light and love to you, my friends.

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