Sunday, November 02, 2014

what I did this fall...hard to catch up!

I have been absent from the blog world for a while as I have been busy with other creative projects: de-cluttering and fixing up the home front, making a raven journal, working on a slideshow,, baking, and writing writing writing. Here are some of the photos from September and October as proof of my existence on the planet.

Regis and I went to Canby to visit Mom and to meet up with Cousins Jo and Henry.

Regis and I worked at the Grape Stomp at Morgan Creek.

We had dinner with Kathy and Jack at Suzette's.

We went to the Oktoberfest in downtown St. Peter and saw Lamont Cranston.

I pickled peppers from my garden.

I baked a ton. Pumpkin bread and pumpkin muffins.

I cooked with tomatoes.

We went to the pumpkin patch at Grandma's Little Acre.

I got a new mixer and have been making bread!

We took several afternoons to drive around and look at leaves.

We walked in the Halloween Fun Run.

We walked on the trails at the Treaty Site.

We went to Zoey's 4th birthday party at the Marriot.

We went to the dog park in Mankato.

We found a trail here and there to walk.

A trail near the Treaty Site. Beautiful heron.

Mary stopped to wish me happy birthday and to take a selfie.

Another pic at the pumpkin patch.

Regis doing his best old lady look as he waits for me to take a picture.

I bought and assembled a kitchen cart.

I made a buckwheat bread.

Somebody sent me flowers!

We were amazed by the leaves!

We cooked and ate well.

Tomato tart...great recipe for cherry tomatoes.

I went to see Mary Mack.

I made Alice Water's apple tart.

I made Michele's apple cake. Many times.

I made Cuban bread.

And I made more bread. Much of it went to neighbors and friends.

Elliot spent the night and we had breakfast at McDonald's!

We had several fires in the chimnea.

Flowers from River Rock.

I went to Grandparent's Day at Elliot's school.

I decorated for Halloween.

I painted the bathroom and the hallway.

Jane and Dick came for a weekend visit and we went to Schmidt's Meat Market.

I went to a writing retreat at Knife Lake.

I got a new mixer for my birthday and make many loaves of bread!

I made a pear tatin which is an upside down tart.

I subbed in a World History class and taught about the Dark Ages.

I had an oil blending party and made a pumpkin pie sugar scrub.

I picked leaves.

It has been a grand month!

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