Friday, November 21, 2014

the weird and paranormal

I keep having these weird, inexplicable experiences. I wish I had been keeping track of them because now that they are piling up, I can't remember all the details.

My old and dear friend, Sharon, who I lived with back in the 70's, got hooked up with me again via Facebook and another crazy friend we have in common. Turns out, when Sharon came to visit for the first time in many years, she was going through breast cancer treatment.

Now another strange turn of events. Our former neighbor Mike, the comedian, is performing tonight at the treaty site. Sharon saw it on FB and wrote to ask if Mike is from Colorado. Yes, he is and how did she know? Mike's mom is married to Sharon's husband's brother. Mike and Sharon have know each other for many years. Holy crap.

I have been on a baking binge lately. Yesterday, I spent hours in the kitchen making cranberry sauce and a cranberry tart. Today, I made pumpkin and oatmeal cookies because Joanne was coming and she loves pumpkin. We had a nice visit at the end of her crazy school day.

I really wanted some fresh herbs for next week but they are so expensive in the store. I went to the garden center and bought three small plants. Regis rigged up a pot so they can hang in the kitchen window...the only place that gets any sun where the cat can't reach them.

Now, I'm on a mission to make ice candles. Here's one I made a few years ago. I think I used an ice cream pail but now you can buy forms. Yeah, I don't think I'll buy a form. It's going to be cold enough in the next week that I ought to be able to turn out an army of them.

Regis and I were on the early morning radio show, Shuffle Function, yesterday. We listen to it every day and always make a donation during pledge week so we can be programmers for a day. We sit with Shy Boy Tim and Shelley who have an encyclopedic knowledge of music and movies. They love zombies and the paranormal so it's always a hoot of a time to visit with them. Tim put on my glasses to go with his red cardigan. Regis played an hour of Johnny Cash and I played local favorites.

I'm trying to maintain my focus so I can go out to the treaty site tonight at 9pm. Michael is taping a show as an audition for the Penn and Teller television program called Fool Us. I think it will be a hoot but I don't like driving after dark and Regis will be transporting mostly drunk college students up and down the hill all night. I have the phone number of the town taxi cab but that sounds like too much work.

Tomorrow I have to get busy with my holiday menu and start making lists of things to do. I am subbing Monday morning and getting a haircut in the afternoon. Tuesday, I work at the treaty site all day. Yikes. I better get serious here one of these days. Jan came to clean on Monday but I swear someone comes in here during the night and makes a mess of things.

Well, off to enjoy the Friday night lights.

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