Thursday, October 09, 2014

wonderful day beginning to end


My sweet husband woke me at 5 this morning so I could see the eclipse of the red moon. I stumbled out to the street with one eye open so I could say I saw it, then went back to bed.

I got up for good at 7 and started cooking. I thought my daughter was going to work over-nights in October so we planned this so she would have lots of good food in the freezer for her family. Turns out, she doesn't have to work over-nights but we made a day of it anyway. We made gallons of butternut squash soup, baked a chicken, made two dozen chicken drumsticks, baked two batches of cookies, baked two giant pans of vegetable gratin, and made three dozen meatballs. We packaged it up in meal size portions so she can freeze it. All the dishes were done and the kitchen was clean when she left, too!

A lovely package came from my mom late in the afternoon with a beautiful fall scarf, a Halloween scarf, and a lovely lace table cloth that I will either put on the table or I will wear. I'm leaning toward wearing it. Life is too short to wear boring clothes. I will call you later, Mom. Busy morning and heading to Mankato now.

I took a relaxing bath when Tiffany left because we were meeting friends for dinner, about a half hour's drive away from here. We had a wonderful three-hour dinner...crab cakes, walleye, bread pudding, squash soup. It was delicious. The chef is Vietnamese and trained in a French culinary school. I have never had such amazing food. We laughed and talked and ate and told stories. So good to see dear, old friends.

I have spent all morning catching up on correspondence with cyber friends. I started a cancer support writing group and I am a part of another online support group. All of it takes time but I have met the nicest people in far-flung places that I never would have met otherwise...Karen, Suz, Lynne, Gary, Mike...and on it goes. The world is a big place but the connections can be close.

A sweet young friend of mine sent a message to ask if I would consider working at a day care 10 hours a week. I am trying to think of a polite and diplomatic way to decline. I would only consider this if they had an endless supply of sedatives available. I taught 4-year old Sunday school once and it was the worst job I ever my whole life.

There is more but I am nearly out of breath from all this talking and writing. 

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