Thursday, October 09, 2014

very yearly Wednesday...forgot to publish

A friend of mine writes on a morning check in thread on one of my forums and I see we start our day at about the same time! It's 4 am here and I just had a piece of toast and fed the cat, but I think I will go back to bed for a few hours. My daughter (love her to pieces) is coming at 9 to cook with me all day so that will be a high energy event!

I meant to go to do something online at 9 pm last night but my stupid laptop updated and I got the boot with no password. Then really wanted to do something but fell fast asleep with a book in my hand and a bowl of popcorn in my lap. Both signs of weariness...

We're meeting good friends for dinner at a funky old Bridgeman's ice cream building that hasn't been updated in a long time but the food is killer. The chef is a Vietnamese fellow trained in France. My first experience with butternut squash soup was there. They make amazing fish so I am thinking about sea bass or crab cakes. This is Minnesota after all...the choices are not unlimited.

Friday, I have yoga and my newly formed and very random writing class. I have asked about ten people but I just want them to show up...or not. I am not keeping track of who comes when or what they do or don't do. We'll meet every Friday at a coffee shop...rain or shine. Show or don't show. No rules. Currently, I am thinking about the mercy rule in sports and how it could be applied to many situations in life.

Morgan Creek Grape Stomp

Teresa becomes part of a work of art.

Woodrow editing my writing.

Peter and baby.

Brown Bread was delicious!

Tiffany and Elliot at the party!

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