Wednesday, October 15, 2014

dear reader and my poetic license

Dear Reader,

Last night I posted something on my blog that was meant for another blog. I do that sometimes…cut, paste, copy bits of this and that from place to place because I am a prolific spouter of information and it can’t all be spontaneous and wonderful. I realized it this morning and took it off the place it was and put it on the place it should have been. It started me thinking.

I meant to write my annual note about my poetic license anyway so I will combine the two cautionary tales.

If you have ever thought as you read something here, that I tell too much or over-share as they call it, I would suggest that you, dear reader, over-read. I am going to write what I write so if anything makes you cringe or weep or wring your hands in despair, stop reading. It’s simple.

Also, I do have a poetic license. It comes in the mail with my driver’s license and it says I do not always have to write the truth. I do not have to label my untruths or half-truths as such. I am only obligated to let my readers know from time to time, that they should not use anything they read here in a research paper or probably not even in a legitimate news source. I only write about my observations, my perceptions, and my life through my rose-tinted glasses.

I also exaggerate, embellish, overstate, satirize, minimize, equivocate, abbreviate, and tergiversate. I do not deny it.

So, there you go. You have been warned.

Sincerely, Me

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