Monday, September 29, 2014


Tonight I went to a meeting of community folks and recent immigrants. Humbling? No doubt. Women who have not seen their husbands in seven years and have no idea of their fate. Women who laugh in spite of memories of civil war and soldiers slitting throats and being in a foreign country with no clue about how to cook the food or drive the car. Children translating for them. I wept.

I'm tired. My bones and joints ache like I have been stoned.

I am happy to hear that Larry came through his surgery well and is recovering. Even modern medicine is scary.

I subbed today. Good and bad, as always.

I signed up to sub tomorrow for one block which is my favorite time frame if I can't get a 45 minute gig. Why work more that a guy needs to?

I have to start keeping a journal of aches and pains and such. To lift my arm feels like 80 pounds.

Off to sleep.

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