Saturday, September 27, 2014

organizing my life the binder way

I think I started using binders when my friend, Jill, and I started teaching writing classes. It was a good way to keep each course's materials together with notes and overheads. The binder habit eventually bled over into my other life and now I have binders for weight loss, exercise, yoga/therapy/writing...and anything else that happens to prick my fancy. It's a very visual way to organize materials.

I have a binder for each major (and some minor) holidays. I save the menus, the grocery lists, the lists of things to do, sometimes a photo or two, the favorite recipes, and notes. Too many potatoes, not enough gravy, don't cook this that long, use real butter. Like I would have to make a note of that.

I am enjoying the bounty of the season. We have had a bumper crop of cherry tomatoes and peppers and this morning I wandered down to the farmer's market to buy big tomatoes, a few summer squash, and some jam. My friend, Sheri, was selling her homemade salsa. I bought a few little pastries for us to have with our coffee, an apple for the ride home, and rhubarb jam to send to my cousin in Arizona.

It's been a grand weekend that started with an Oktoberfest event on Thursday night, then yoga Friday morning, more Oktoberfest with Lamont Cranston, the farmer's market, and a couple other social possibilities this afternoon. Young Regis just stopped and said I could go to the Oktoberfest with him... and his friend, Rich. I was tempted to do a cemetery tour in Mankato but I would have to go alone and I think I feel like enjoying the weather in a more upbeat environment. No dancing for me's a band called IV Play which sounds like rock, right? 

I loved the blues band last night, although I read on the internet that they started playing together about 1970 and figuring roughly they would be about my age, I was curious to note that they looked older than shit. What??? There must be some mistake.

Our kids are coming over tomorrow so we can go to an equestrian thing at the fair grounds. I have so little information about this outside of the two facts: cost (free) and location (fair grounds). I'm making a tomato tart, a big pan of Vi's apple bars, and Regis is making pig wings. Ah, autumn. We love you.

A couple of shout-outs to friends who are on my mind this week:
  • Jill and wishes for a successful surgery, a speedy recovery, and reasonable hospital cafeteria food. Call if you need anything.
  • Michele...wishing you peace as you finish the choreography for the dance number at the inaugural event. I'll be bringing by an apple dish as soon as I get started peeling that bag!
  • Joanne...dealing with tumult everywhere! Go to that quiet place in your head, my friend.
  • you remember Hugh on the second anniversary of his parting. I'm looking for opportunities to pass on his random acts of kindness.
Life is always good even when it's hard. We're on the right side of the grass, we have delicious food to eat, we have bands to keep us dancing, and friends to keep us laughing. All good.

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