Sunday, September 14, 2014

it's a new morning, bob dylan

I slept like a baby last night. Drifted off to sleep, woke a few times for minutes, then woke slowly at 8 am. Wow! Wonderfully refreshing! The result is that I feel energetic and optimistic about the day.

I have been thinking about lifestyle. I thought I had a physically and emotionally healthy lifestyle but it turns out there are some gaps. I have been using the chart I made a few weeks ago to keep track of my goals: exercise, healthy food/drink, peace of mind, relationships, and creativity. I like it for planning and for looking back to see how I spent my time. It's not that I document every piece of food or every minute of exercise...that would get oppressive for me. It's a general review of how I spent my time.

Yesterday, I baked oatmeal peanut butter cookies, molasses cookies, and banana bread. Our kids are good to help us with tasks like tree trimming, pet care when we are out of town, furniture moving, roof work. I like to bake cookies for them sometimes in return. I made enough that I could walk small batches to neighbors. One lady wanted to pay me which only shows how far we have come from the days when people did that regularly...shared with neighbors. I tidied my house, mailed a letter, went for a walk, played Scrabble, read a book, and filled the bird feeders. On my way back from the walk, a young squirrel played hide-and-seek with me...jumping from tree to tree, peeking at me through the leafy branches. If I stopped, he stopped, tail twitching. It was a sweet moment.

Today, I am digging out some of my fall clothes and jackets. It's getting too cool here for summer pj's and skirts and such. I'm anxious for the fall colors to emerge! Also think I will dig out my many tubs of Halloween decorations. I LOVE Halloween. I might bake some bread...something dense and grainy.

This week, I have a couple of therapy appointments, a yoga class, a community education thing where I will be paired with a new immigrant family, I'm subbing in an industrial arts class, and next weekend, I am going with 5 friends from Livestrong on a writing retreat in the north woods.

Off into this beautiful day, my friends.

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