Saturday, August 23, 2014

on the sunny side of the street

I really loathe August. I hate it almost as much as March. Both are gray and damp and weird temperatures so you never know how to dress. I have tried, and mostly been successful, at learning to tolerate March. I decided to think of it as preparation for spring...a blanket of fog getting us ready for the new season. I have not been so successful with August. I grit my teeth and wait for fall to arrive.

It's been a grand summer. We've taken lots of walks around the hospital, seen some beautiful clouds, spent a day on the radio as program directors, and done a ton of sitting around staring out the porch windows at the sunflowers.


I try to live a rich full life. Some days that means getting things done, some days it means a long nap and a book. I have been reading a lot of mystery novels again this summer. Don't know where that interest came from again but I have been whipping through them...on my sleepless nights.

Woodrow and I like to wake up about 4 am and go out onto the porch to listen to the crickets. This morning, he jumped about five feet into the air to bat at something on the screen. I laughed out loud.

I had a creepy cancer scare about a week ago to which I did not react in the most rational way. If I had called Judy at the cancer center, or asked more questions of Sue Ellen, all would most likely have gone more smoothly. I will know better next time...maybe.

Here I am lying in the grass under a big shade tree right on Riverfront in Mankato. I was waiting for an appointment and it was such a nice day. I wondered if I was cause for concern...if people thought I had taken leave of my sense. If they thought that, they were right on target.

For some odd reason, it tickles Regis and me to take pictures of transits we see around the area. If we are together, one of us mutters, "transit" and if we are not together, we will often text a photo of the transit with the comment, "transit". Inexplicable.

I gave myself a deadline of 1 pm to finish this and then get up to do the dishes. Here I go, into the day.

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