Sunday, July 06, 2014

premier parking spot

Regis is always on the lookout for a great parking spot when we buy groceries. He was amazed this morning, as busy as it was, that he was able to get this space!

Now here's something weird. Since my bariatric surgery five years ago, I have had to give myself a monthly injection of Vitamin B12. I got tiny bottles of it with a prescription and the syringes came with it. About a year ago, my insurance stopped paying for the syringes so I was charged 40 cents a piece for them. But I had to have a prescription because otherwise they wouldn't know if I was using the syringes for nefarious purposes. What?

Last week, I picked up my prescription and I paid 12 dollars for three syringes. I found a medical supply place online and ordered a box of 100 for 15 dollars + five for shipping. No prescription needed. They wouldn't let me return the syringes but they did make a price adjustment...and I paid 40 cents each. I asked what I should ask for in the future and if I would still need a prescription. Yes to the prescription and they would only sell me 3 at a time because God knows what I'm doing with those syringes. None of this makes any damn sense, does it?

I thought...if I were going to use them for a purpose for which they were not intended, I would probably know about buying them online for 20 cents a piece.

This has been a draft post for days and days. I can't remember why I wanted to post this poster with the benefits of weight training. So, here it goes...out into the cyber world!

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