Wednesday, July 30, 2014

all roads lead to somewhere

It has been a grand couple of weeks. The weather has been fabulous even though Regis would like more heat and humid, those of us who have not come from tropical climates, love this. Cool nights, warmish days. Perfect summer weather. I can smell fall in the air!

Yesterday, I took a trip down the Old Fort Road, across Nicollet County to Fairfax in Renville County. It goes through Klossner and St. George, both tiny and very rural towns. Klossner is a little dumpy but St. George looks like Lake Woebegone....every house freshly painted and it looks like they have decided to all mow their grass on Mondays. Every house has a Virgin Mary in the front yard and a pick-up in the driveway. I drove past two old cemeteries, one in St. George and one out in the middle of the corn fields.

I love rural much history, so many stories I will never know. The little grotto at the St. George cemetery was so sweet: screen door left unlocked, little benches in front of several statues, candles. Lovely. There was no way I could capture the grandeur of the landscape with my camera phone so I picked these details to remind me of how pleasant this drive is.

Here is one strange thing about my trip into southwest Minnesota. I finished reading, over the weekend, a book by John Sanford called Mad River.

John Sanford's books take place in Minnesota. This one in southwestern Minnesota. Three young people go on a rampage of murder and mayhem in Marshall, Redwood Falls, and other rural small towns and on the deserted highways that wind between the corn fields. Oh, brother. That's exactly where I was headed. Then on an empty stretch of rural highway between Klossner and St. George, I am passed by two Nicollet County sheriff vehicles traveling at high speeds. Remember, I am the person who was afraid to go in a swimming pool after seeing the movie Jaws. All is well, though. I made it home without incident.

I slept blissfully last night. I was in bed for 7 hours and asleep soundly for 6.5. I know this because my Jawbone UP 24 will track my sleep. I can look at a chart and see how much light sleep and sound sleep I had. It also tracks my steps. Regis thinks I cheat by running in little circles behind him when we go for walks.

This week, I have had lunch with Vickie, gone for a long walk with Deb on Sunday and Regis the following few days, I have a haircut appointment today, a breakfast date with Betty on Friday, and coffee with Betsy on Thursday afternoon. Elliot is coming to spend the night on Friday and we're having a pizza party for the little kids on Saturday.

My LiveStrong class ends Monday with a graduation party at Bill's lake cabin. I'll be sorry to see it end, but also glad to have my two mornings a week back for a while. On the calendar, for now, August looks like a quiet month. There is the Nicollet County fair and I have my oncology check-up and a trip to Mom's next week. Other than those things, it looks like a quiet month leading into fall.

Maybe not all my friends were able to see me on Dancing with the Stars with Donnie Osmond. Boy, did we cut a rug. Hahaha!!!

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