Tuesday, June 24, 2014

roads open

Yesterday when Betty and I went to Mankato for the Art Walk, most of the roads in the area were closed. We had to go almost to Nicollet, come out in North Mankato, and then cross town on 14 to get there from here. It wasn't so inconvenient for us because we were just horsing around but for some people, it was a major butt burn. Today, roads between St. Peter and Mankato are open.

The Art Walk was a hoot of a time. Some of the sculptures we liked very much...like this one of the sea turtles. Some were more abstract and we, with our pedestrian cultural minds, didn't get it. We had a nice lunch, browsed a few shops, and headed home for some relaxation about 3 o'clock.

This morning I went to Livestrong with Michele. They thanked the volunteers at the end but I feel I take as much as I give there. We worked on endurance. Andrea, who is usually quiet, shouted at Laurie and I to get moving...if we could talk that much we must not be working very hard. Ha! We laughed...and worked harder.

I spent three hours in my garden this afternoon hoeing out those insidious little weeds that seem to have come with the heavy rain. What the hell are they? There must have been a bazillion of them because I had to move everything to get at all of them. I had decided not to use Preen this year, but relented after this mess.

I also doused myself with bug spray...the toxic kind...because the mosquitoes have discovered me again. They seemed to avoid me for the year after chemo and radiation. I was radioactive or something. We're back in the saddle when it comes to mosquitoes.

I had 8 visitors to the little library this afternoon. Some people are reluctant to take a book even when I encourage them and say it doesn't matter if they don't have one to leave. Four kids came by on their way home from the pool and each took one. One little boy took the book Old Turtle...a signed copy.

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