Sunday, June 22, 2014

road closed

This is a real picture taken by Regis sometime this morning. Roads and bridges are closed all over the place making it difficult to travel anywhere from anywhere else. There have been mud slides on the steep hillsides of 169, the 99 bridge is closed, and the 22 bridge may close soon. Henderson, a tiny town to our north has had three houses damaged or washed away by mudslides. Many people have water in their basements. Fortunately, there have been no injuries and people are using common sense.

I don't know why the road closed signs seem apropos today. I haven't been writing much lately and I miss it. I think my routine changed...rather than sitting in the office in the morning, we are having coffee on the porch. I can't write very well on my iPad and have gotten out of the habit of using my laptop.

I liked using my blog as a place to not only document some of the events of our lives but also to just see where the writing takes me. Sometimes it takes me down a winding road and I end up in a place I didn't know was there. Sometimes the road is closed.

The dog park in town is closed because it is underwater. Fish swim in it now. The water is up past the five foot fence. Gus misses it but Regis has taken him to the one in Mankato a couple times and we have found a dog-friendly place to take him for walks. He can off-leash and chase balls so he enjoys it.

I asked Regis to take some pictures of my garden to celebrate the Summer Solstice yesterday. He did and they are beautiful. I need to get out there to weed but it's been so wet and so buggy that I keep putting it off. Some tiny weeds are sprouting everywhere but not one blade of all the grass seed I planted.

It's our anniversary today. We've been married fifteen years. Mom sent us an e-card with two old farts riding bicycles in the nude. If we wouldn't be arrested, we might be tempted to try it. Not sure how a bike seat would feel on a bare rump, however.

A shout out to some friends. Thanks to Tom and Betty for joining us for libations and food last night. Always fun to spend time with old friends. Sending light and love to Kristi and Wes. They are going through a dark time with his cancer and treatment. They could use all your prayers and positive energy for healing and peace. Karen, I hope you are doing well. You will have to email me your phone number because we switched phones and I lost a lot of things.

Well, moving on into the day. I am a slow starter some days. We're taking Gus for a walk, then ourselves to the gym for some iron pumping. We might go somewhere for a burger to celebrate our 15 wild and wacky years together.

I'll think about the road closed metaphor.

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Jill said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Regis. 15 years-- it doesn't seem nearly that long ago when you told me the two of you had gotten married. I think we were having coffee at the Chestnut Tree.