Monday, June 30, 2014

just when you think you have a couple things figured out...

I recovered from (or started to calm down about) the dip into the dark side when I learned of my friend's cancer recurrence. Then last night, we learned that Betty, who has been a part of my family of friends for many years, lost her brother suddenly and quite unexpectedly over the weekend. He was 57. I was stunned. No medical problems, no history of disease, active young father whose parents lived well into their 80's...and suddenly he is gone. Like a whisper.

To say there are no guarantees in life is an understatement. For a powerful read on optimism even in the face of uncertainty, read this: Rethinking the Placebo Effect by Maria Popova.

Something I have known for a long time...a little bit of realism goes a long way. And I would say I am a self-enhancer. You'll have to read the blog to find out what that means!

Our funky little truck has a shot at being painted by the art center folk and driven in the 4th of July parade. How much fun would that be? The fellow who came to inquire asked if Regis had a favorite artist. He suggested Monet but I think the truck might be more of a Jackson Pollock kind of truck.

I like to make what I call a POD. Plan of the day. I don't always follow it but it's a start. I have gotten a few things done already. Making a grocery list is not the least of them.

Make it a happy Monday!

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