Saturday, June 14, 2014

embracing imperfection

I have been thinking a lot about imperfection my home, in my garden, in my self. I think a guy can become too obsessed with fixing everything that is imperfect but I am trying to move to a place in my life where imperfection is ok.

Everything does not need to be perfect. I like the little nick in the cupboard door where it bangs the clock if you open it too wide. I appreciate the red bud tree with the bark scarred from woodpeckers. It has a few dead branches but it's shape is interesting and it provides some shade for my garden. I'm not concerned about the lack of finished edges on our porch windows. We meant to do it but somehow never did. It's just fine the way it is.

Two weeks ago, when I published on Facebook, a picture of my friend Maude, I was not at all surprised at the number of people who knew her. A magnificent force in the world, Maude is. Who else would participate in a radio show called Polka til You Puke? I was surprised to see the name of an old friend of mine from the early 70's when I lived in Mankato. Sharon and Maude had been good friends when they worked together years ago. Sharon and I shared an apartment and a lot of good times.

So, Sharon and I become Facebook friends. Then we make a date to meet up for coffee. She showed up at my door this morning at 9 o'clock with a bag of bagels and a bald head. After we hugged and said hello, I pointed at her head and said, "Sharon, what the hell." We had a cancer story to share along with all of our memories and stories of family and friends and experiences. It's been forty years since we have seen each other regularly...and neither of us could remember the last time, but we talked for more than four hours and never slowed down once. What a gift her visit was.

I went to the American Cancer Society Relay for Life last night. I have never attended one and was a little uncomfortable attending this one. They asked me to register as a survivor which made me feel a little creepy. How long do you have to survive to qualify for that label? People introduced themselves during the program and said they had been, for example, diagnosed with cancer in 1985, again in 1993, again in 2005. I didn't like to hear that.

These are some of my Livestrong friends. We had an amazing and spiritual time at the Gustavus Arb. What a blessing this has been in my life.

Onward we go. We went to he Blues Fest for a while tonight. Saw people we know and love. Good music. Life is grand.

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