Thursday, May 29, 2014

what the hell happened to a slow-down friday

Well, first of all...a five year old. I must have had a delusion in the morning that made me think the weekend would be slow. We had a wonderful time but a five-year old's idea of slow is quite different than mine.

Elliot lost a tooth while he was here! One day, he said his mouth hurt and the next afternoon, the tooth was gone! The tooth fairy was very generous.

Here is the album of photos from our most wonderful afternoon at Sibley Park. We have such great kids and grand-kids. We had a picnic, played on the toys, toured the zoo, and visited the ice cream truck. Such a great way to start summer. I think if you click on the photo of Zoey it will take you to the album. We really did have a splendid time.

sibley park

Monday, we made our annual excursion with Tom and Betty. A good time was had by all, as they used to say in the Canby News. We toured a lot of countryside, ate a lot of deep-fried food, and made friends with a few bar tenders. There is a place in Elysian that has a television in the bathroom. Wouldn't want to miss a minute of a sporting event.

In the technology department, last week I learned how to speak to google. I asked it (Is google an it?) a question and it led me right to the answer. Holy shit. Who could have envisioned this when I was in high school and boys (only boys) were in the technology club. They would come into classrooms and thread video into a machine. Or filmstrip. It's a wonder we managed to stay awake for some of our high school careers.

I have been working, working, working in my garden. Today, between Livestrong (holding hands to heart) and gardening, I have walked more than 10,000 steps. I love these people in this Livestrong group. They are like magic for my soul. The other day, a young woman who described herself as seriously insecure, burst into a lap of running on the track. It looked like euphoria. Today, everyone talked of improvements they have made in four weeks...and how sad they are that we are at four weeks. Wait until the twelve weeks are over. Tears will be shed.

Back to gardening. I have been through it twice now with a hoe. I am a slow learner and finally, I realized that the weeds are much easier to dig up and dispose of when they are an inch high than when they are waist high. I have moved things here and there, sat back and looked at it, made a list of what to change, made of wish list...and I have enjoyed every minute immensely.

Well, Regis made his A+ ribs on the grill today and I have romaine hearts to grill when he comes home from the dog park. Adios for now!

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