Sunday, May 18, 2014

sunday in pictures and a few words

Yesterday, Regis and I took Gus and ran in the Run Strong Race for Livestrong. Here I am with my BC friend Michele and her son, Josh. It was a Superhero theme...hence, the crazy outfits.

I had some crazy ass leggings on and I'm sorry they don't appear here. I wore them downtown later and had several people tell me that they needed sunglasses to look at me.

We hae had amazing birds this year. The orioles are gorgeous and plentiful...and the only bird that will take on the grackles.

I have been spending lots of time in my hammock chair. It's like being hugged and rocked. I love it.

We have tried to make the back porch a more pleasant place to be. It tends to collect junk so my current decluttering project involves this room.

Woody likes the hammock chairs, too!

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