Wednesday, May 07, 2014

retail therapy

I had some time between things in Mankato today so I wandered down to my favorite consignment store. I made several impulse just because I was cold...but the purchase of the day was what I thought was a skirt and top that still had the tags on it ($199.00) that was marked ten bucks. Well, who can resist a deal like that? As I carried it around, it came undone and I couldn't get it arranged correctly. The lady helping me said it was a one-shouldered dress. I laughed and said I would take it anyway. Really. I could not resist.

When I showed it to Tiffany, she said it was Gwen Stefani's LAMB label. I had to put her in the google to see who she was.

Two interesting things happened when I came home. Well, three. First Regis laughed like crazy that I would buy a dress because it was a good deal even if I couldn't figure out how to wear it. Then I tried to put it on and it took about 45 minutes and three tries to get it right. I was turning it inside out in the bathroom, a sterling silver ring dropped out of it. Turns out, it is neither skirt nor one-shouldered but it is a dress of sorts.

First oriole of the season!

I had a busy day. I went to the Livestrong class this morning as a volunteer. Then a trip to see Mary, lunch with Tiffany, and the afternoon raking out the garden and a trip to the compost pile. I am tired but can't sleep.

Cleaned up garden! 

This is turning out to be pretty boring but it's what I write about on these nights of insomniac rambling. It's hard to be witty at 2 a.m. I finished a book, played a game of Scrabble, wrote this drivel, and now I think I'll have a piece of toast and try to get some sleep.

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