Friday, May 02, 2014

life is too short to wear boring clothes

I did some fast shopping the other day. I bought these leggings and another pair, equally gaudy. I bought a pair of harem pants. I bought some leopard sunglasses for my Captain Livestrong costume. And did I mention that I bought red cowboy boots this week?

I have always lusted after red cowboy boots and when my friend, Kristi, won a pair through the Red Boot Revolution on Facebook, I had to do it. I had to indulge myself.

I want to recreate this scene from How I Met Your Mother which I have never seen. Deb sent me the clip.

Buying crazy clothes is not all I have been up to. I worked 13 days in a row (not weekend). That is a long stretch for me and I can say, I am glad to be done. I came home yesterday and made appointments for things I have been procrastinating about: haircut, Mayo, massage, training at the gym, lunches and coffees with friends. I have gardening to do in May and can't be working all the time!

It's grilling season and I can't find my square grill pan. I know when I was organizing this winter, I took it off the rack and put it somewhere thinking that it is a summer thing and doesn't have to live in plain sight all the time. Now I can't find it. It's a big old heavy thing so it's not like I could tuck it into a tiny space. It also kind of greasy from the grill. Today, it's my mission to find it. Nothing cooks peppers and onions like that baby did.

I was going to bake scones this morning but I opted to sit in front of my computer doing this. Life is too short to be busy all the time.

I've spent an hour looking for a picture I saw on Facebook but can't find. I think I see a pattern.

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