Friday, May 23, 2014

it's slow down friday

I decided yesterday that I would go to bed by 10 every night and wake up by 6. So far, so good. I need a little structure in my life.

We went to work out with our trainer this morning...something he called negative tens that were harder than hell. Lift the weights then lower slowly for ten counts.

I planned to come home, go to the grocery store quickly, come home and garden, go to Mankato to pick up a RX and Elliot...but I have decided it is Slow Down Friday and I am not moving fast. Regis was called to drive the transit and I'll poke around here until 10:30 when he'll drive by for his coffee, then I will go to the store. I may garden today...and I may not. Depends.

The birds have been plentiful in the garden this week. The orioles are very active and I saw the first baby robin of the spring yesterday.

What a suave and debonair pair these two make as they cruise to the dog park in the new truck. They also like to visit the compost site.

My most recent yard project was making a spot in the garden for the kids to sit. They love to go in there but with no path, it was sort of a disaster. Now there is a path in and out, several places to sit, there will be a strawberry plant in a pot, and some flowers for them to pick.

Looking forward to this beautiful day!

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