Wednesday, April 02, 2014


It's been a week already and it's only Wednesday. It started the first part of last week with sleepless nights and anxious days. Maybe a change in the weather? Forces in the universe? I slept great last night and feel better today.

We're going to do taxes today, which for the most part, I enjoy. I wish it ended at 2 o'clock instead of 4 but I realize AARP doesn't make their schedules according to my whims. Too bad.

Last night we did some of our post testing at the YMCA. I improved my balance by about 6 seconds and that still sucks but I improved my reach by several inches and my leg press by twenty pounds so I'm not complaining. We had a poignant group meeting, too. I'm going to miss those women.

This is my third juicing experiment. I used less lemon, no apple, and added a carrot, mint, ginger, and kale. I liked it much better. I might look a little creepy but once you get past the pond scum aesthetic, it's very good.

I read some place that you can grow vegetables from the roots that come on them. When I bought spinach last time, it had those little roots on it so after I removed the part I was going to eat, I stuck the root down into the soil of my shamrock plant. I have the nicest crop of baby spinach growing on the back porch! Maybe I'll grow vegetables on the patio this summer!

Well, that's it for today. Off to juice and do taxes and walk and stretch. Life is good.

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