Sunday, April 06, 2014

what the

It's Sunday morning and my brain is tumbling around in a mixed up mess. I have projects all over the house in varying states of undone. Good ideas flit through my head repeatedly and don't even slow down.

I'm sitting here thinking I should organize the week. I will be working thirteen days this month and that will take some serious planning. Groceries, cooking, exercise, a couple birthdays, a holiday. Oh, my.

We went (very spontaneously) to dinner last night at Pappageorge in Mankato. We were seated next to a table of folks who were celebrating the 93rd birthday of their father. He was such a happy character that I had to go over and tell them how much I enjoyed listening to him. He was delighted with everything...his cold beer, the salad, his steak. I didn't hear him complain once. If the server suggested something, he was eager to try it.

I'm going for a walk. I'd like to make my superhero costume today so I can wear it on Friday!

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